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What’s New with Tanya’s Fine Art & Illustration?

With the schools now closed indefinitely, and as a parent myself who will now be at home with my children, I am going to be working on FREE downloadable images and activities for children that I will share to help other parents and children.

Many of you may already know, I am a massive advocate for mindfulness, especially for children, so I will be including some anxiety relieving breathing techniques and activity based downloads, as well as one or two from the book I have been working on, and some curriculum based activities such as those which have been the basis of primary school topic work. And as time allows, and if people think this may help the elderly and vulnerable, I will be looking to extend this into more detailed colouring in downloads based on wildlife and nature to help alleviate the stress and boredom that may affect our other society groups during this difficult time.

I am currently building this brand new website to accommodate this ongoing project and free resource, so please bear with me if the website is looking a little shabby while I am in the process. You can access all of my free download by visiting my Free Downloads page.

As a last note, please feel free to share and follow me on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages so you can receive alerts when new work is available to download. If you would like to put forward any suggestions that you feel would be of benefit I would love to hear from you.

Wishing everyone a safe transition into this massive but ultimately temporary change to our lives, we will all be stronger as a community when we see each other again on the other side. God Bless x

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