Who am I?

That, is a very good question….
I am an illustrator and fine artist, originally from London but now living in beautiful Bournemouth. I have recently embarked on my life long dream to write and create characters that children can relate to, just like I did when I was a little person.
I am a devoted Mum to three amazing little people who provide me with the inspiration and determination to bring joy to a little corner of this Universe. When I’m not arting, crafting and writing in my little studio snug,  I practice yoga and mindfulness. I am often found walking, whether on the beach or in the woods, accompanied by my family and a weeny little fluffy white dog.
Oh… and I love picturing animals all dressed up like humans, doing human things!

Bournemouth Beach

It all began when I was very young. My grandad was an avid drawer and every week he would draw a picture for me, and I would draw for him. I would draw and write stories for hours. Every day I would draw the characters that were part of my story, cut them out, and re-enact the story with my little paper cut outs, much to the delight of my grandad. 

I found a real beauty in language, so I learnt to rhyme and write poems from a young age, which I would then go on to illustrate. It was my dream then, and is still my dream today. 

I studied both Art and English at college and University, and for many years I would work on commissions; drawing and painting wild animals and pets.
I still work on private commissions, both in Fine Art and Illustration, but more recently, I now also work with schools to provide illustrations for topic work and to support the learning and creative process. I provide a bespoke commission service for businesses wishing to add illustration and characters to their business branding… and of course I doodle away just for fun. Most of the latter ends up as Greeting Cards or Prints which I sell through my online shops and at craft markets.

I support mental health and through my work I aim to help young people to find a safe space in art and literature with a mindful purpose.

I hope you enjoy my new website as much as I enjoy sharing it. I always love to hear from people, so please don’t be shy, get in touch!

Take Care & Best Wishes