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Little Monsters Tin Can Alley Printable

As promised, here is my little free downloadable template to create a tin can alley game for the family.

It's super easy to do, all you need are 6 clean tin cans such as tinned soup or beans; a ball approximately the size of a tennis ball or hand sized bean bags (3 if you want to make it easier to take 3 shots at once); a printer; some colouring in and craft supplies; scissors and sticky tape.

To make:

  1. Click on the image below to open a 3 page pdf file. You can save the document so you can print it or share it later, or just print it straight away.
  2. Cut out the 6 rectangles along the border lines.
  3. Colour in and decorate the images. We added glitter, pom moms and foam shapes to ours to jazz them up a bit.
  4. Using the sticky tape, wrap the rectangles around the tin can, bottom end up (so the open end is at the bottom of the tin).
  5. Please be careful with sharp edges!! Use the sticky tape and additional padding if necessary to ensure that there are no sharp edges at the base of your tin!

To Play:

  1. Stack the tin cans; 3 at the bottom, 2 in the middle, 1 at the top. You can play this indoors or outdoors just be careful not to have any fragile items around for those over-zealous throwers!
  2. Decide on your throwing distance. Let little ones stand closer than bigger ones and maybe use a marker to show where people need to stand to make their throws.
  3. Each player gets 3 shots at knocking down the tin cans. You get one point for every tin can you knock over. If you knock all cans with 1 ball/bean bag you get double points!

You can make variations to this game, perhaps look online for different ideas. We even set up a shooting range with our Nerf Guns and played a funfair style Shoot Out game with these too!

I hope you enjoy decorating, making and playing your tin can alley game. I would love for you to share your photos on my Facebook page, or tag me in your Instagram posts.

This template is provide for free for personal use only. You are welcome to share this link for others to enjoy, but it is not to be used for commercial purposes.

Have Fun!!


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